On 10-11.06 at the company’s headquarters, we once again we hosted another potential customers.
During this visit, we have been tested our machines: The King of market QUATROMAX, and TRIOMAX, which is still surprising his abilities.
The guests of our new Partner from Moldova, and the Confectionary Company from Poland controlled all talents of our devices for two days.
Nothing confirms the belief about a properly made purchase decision, as ability to check the potential of machine. Difficult doughs, complex forms or a complicated forming process are aspects, that our products handle.
These kinds of visits: presentations, trials, tests including customer dough – once again proved that the invitations of our clients for convince themselves that there is no impossible things to do. Confirmation, that project realization ends successfully brings measurable effect for everyone. For the customers there is a satisfaction with well-placed moneys,  for us, the HASBORG Team, another order and task to face.

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